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2018 MIAD Senior Thesis Exhibition

Ritz It Up is the Capstone Project for the four years I spent at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.  After completing this project in April of 2018, I went on to graduate Cum Laude from MIAD's New Studio Practice: Fine Art major on May 12, 2018.

Below are two slide shows, one with Images of the installation and the completed boxes, and another that gives a small peak into the roughly 400 hours it took to create these prints. Click the slide show to view full screen and look at the titles and details. 

I am creating prints and print objects that play upon ideas of consumption, brand, and package design. My work stretches the limits of screenprinting while inviting the audience to participate in the space.  As the audience browses the market of printed objects, I am provoking their consumerist desires.  Through the act of the take-away and purchased items, I satisfy theses urges.



-Artist Statement from Thesis Exhibition (2018)


Click to view full screen

in progress photos

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